Casinos have always been the source of interest for many people. There are many stories that come out of the casino. There are over 1,000 casinos in just in the USA and many of them are legalized. With these changes it is very easy find some bizarre yet surprising facts about casino and gambling.

FedEx story

This is one of the most commonly heard stories when it comes to casino success stories. FedEx is a multinational courier services company which is headquartered in the Tennessee. The founder of FedEx was at his last dollar when it comes to his company. He later gambled that dollar to make some money for his company. Luckily, the gambling worked and he made more than $27,000 playing blackjacks.

The sandwich

The sandwich

The invention of sandwich is a very popular food item which was made by John Montagu, he was very found of gambling. During his time of a gambling streak , he wanted to eat something which would not effect his gambling. This is where the sandwich was invented and is one of the most popular foods that we eat.

Card counting is legal

Card counting strategy can be used to account for the cards that can be easy to make it easy and to make sure that you deal with the remaining deck perfectly. It is perfectly legal strategy in the blackjack. But still card counting can get you thrown out of the casino. They can make sure that some slight changes in the rules and try to shuffle the cards more.

First slot machine

First slot machine

The first creator of the slot machine is said to be Charles Fey. He never played in a casino which was called Fey’s Liberty Bell Machine was placed in the auto shop who can enjoy themselves while they enjoy themselves while waiting. The popularity of the slot machines, was made to make sure they have something to look forward.


One can ban oneself for a casino in several states of the UK. This self exclusion program is specially designed to be geared towards those who have an addiction problem to gambling. This is to the people that can choose the time off form the casino.

Nevada State Prison Casino

Nevada, is a state which is highly popular. It is surprising to note that the state prison of Nevada has a casino. The prison inmates can play carps, blackjacks, poker, and also bet on sports. A new warden in the 1967 closed down the casino who considered gambling a derogatory. This prison was active for more than 35 years between the years 1932-1967.